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Ancient Mystical Egyptian Yoga is based on the Great Principle of Sacred Unity; the Great Principle of Truth, which is eternal. This form of yoga was only taught to the highest initiates in the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Schools.

The Laws of Truth are Universal Truths of Love, Life, and Sacred Unity. Sacred Unity is All That Is, Oneness, The Power of the Universe, and what we call, God. It represents an understanding that you are united with All That Is in every moment, that you stand in union with everything that you need right now.


Due to the evolution of Earth, these truths are now being brought to those who are ready and are reading this, for you have found a doorway to higher consciousness. The doorways are always there, but they are not open. When one walks in faith, the doors open. Egyptian Mystical Yoga, is a doorway to higher intelligence. As you embark upon the journey of practicing this yoga and truly understanding it, you are choosing to stand in the truth, united with the Great Principle of Sacred Unity. When one devotes oneselves to this practice, they will stand in and with the Law of Truth. Therefore, the whole Universal Power of the Great Principle of Life will support you. You will then succeed in your evolution and the fulfillment of your destiny.


Mystical Egyptian Yoga includes the Spoken Word, mystical toning, deep felt emotions, Ancient Egyptian Yoga movements, and the mind of the heart. Through this Sacred Mystical Egyptian practice, the flesh becomes radiant, renewed, purified and quickened in its vibration. The Spirit is expressed through the flesh, the mind becomes enlightened and the soul becomes educated. The body follows Spirit and expresses Spirit through it.

Virginia Ellen


Virginia had a near-death experience in 1989 that changed her life forever. She found herself with the knowledge she had not possessed before and discovered a deep love within herself for the Divine. She created a yoga practice of prayer and gentle movement, which had renewed and regenerated her body. For the last 30 years, she has been living and teaching the Way of the Heart. Virginia has inspired thousands to find their true selves. She is a woman who walks her talk and lives this Way of the Heart. Learn more. . .

Beginning Mystical Egyptian Yoga, from the very first day offered me a huge promise of relief.  Experiencing this week’s training of the mystical teaching from Jesus fulfilled the promise… and offered even more hope. Anyone living “there-must be more” can rejoice as they run to these teachings, run with the knowledge there is more. I Marcie found: “Oh Yes, Oh Yes the Way, the Truth of Jesus and the Light I have searched for all my life.” Thank You God, thank you Virginia Ellen. There is More. - Montana


Upcoming Tele-Call

The Light of the Christ on Easter Day

April 12th, 2020



Join Virginia Ellen as she brings down the Light of the Christ to fill you, sustain you and lift you on this Easter Sunday. 

Love Donation for the service. 


Upcoming Events

Mary Magdalena's
School of Unconditional Love

'Opening to Receive: Cultivating the Gracious Heart

Mini Retreat

June 19 - 21st 

Outside Yellowstone National Park in Bozeman, Montana*


*Note: For people from out of town due to the new restrictions on travel we will have a live streaming event online.

Magdalena leads us in the Summer Solstice on June 20th followed by a powerful solar eclipse on the 21st near Yellowstone National Park, Montana. Magdalena will channel the lunar and solar energies to bring a profound transformational shift within each individual. 

'As more and more of you join me and learn the Science of Embodying and Embracing the Light of Love, you will be Illuminated by the Light. Your Hungry Heart will be fed. As your heart is fed the frequencies of Light and Love, addictions will fade away one by one. Sadness will be replaced by Joy, Excitement, and Expectation of only Blessings. Come and you will begin to know a Love that is not found on earth.' - Mary Magdalena 

Upcoming Certifications

April 21st - 27th  

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Note: Due to the restrictions on traveling, this event will be live-streamed. So you can take this training from the comfort of your own home.

Mystical Egyptian Yoga:

Activation of the Sacred Seals

Level 1 Training & Certification


Mystical Egyptian Yoga provides a rapid acceleration of our consciousness and vibration. It also provides you with a living opportunity to feel Spirit come alive in every cell of your body. Throughout the practice, profound healing will occur.

This will change your life forever!

An experience of the Activation of the Sacred Seals and brain...

Magdalena's Temple Healing

Training & Certification
July 10 - 14th

If you desire to become a being that lives in Unconditional Love, than this class will teach you everything you need to know. Magdalena's temple healing classes will teach you the way.

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